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If you don't have a High Profile, Memorable, Easy to Spell and Communicate Web Address . . .
you will find it more and more difficult to compete and make money on and off the Internet as this century progresses.
~ Rick Schwartz

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I own Generic Domain Names like,,, and
Then I partnered with qualified third parties to develop them in important and profitable ecommerce businesses.
Cash, equity and/or a royalty as they get a leg up with a premium domain name.
I will be repeating the process with some 750 partners and that accounts for just 15% of my portfolio.
A portfolio (Actually an Empire) that has been assembled one at a time since 1995.
Domains registered as early as April 1993. A 20 year plan where the key ingredient is time and patience.
Please keep in mind that we did this before Google was founded. Before Facebook was founded.
When less than 1% of the universe was online.

Nearly 5000 of our domain names come right here and so are thousands of you each and every day!!
Nearly 1000 others are in various stages of development or parked until they are ready for duty
We don't sell domain names as a rule. Only 17 sales in 17 years with an average price of over $500,000.
So Most emails to buy a domain are not even answered or just contain a few words. Not to be rude, but why waste the time?

But we do buy domain names to this day. We buy domains nearly every day of the week.

Some $7MM and counting spent on overpaying for these high profile domain names early on with no outside investors.
Yes, you saw that right. I overpaid for almost every domain name.
I had to overpay to secure the domain name. A few grand one way or another meant nothing in the scheme of things.
I was racing against the clock as well as other investors trying to secure the same domains.
But that was then and now they would be considered incredible bargains.
When and if they change hands the next time, they will be priceless. They will never be sold again.
I realized the real world parallel between Domain Names and Real Estate. Without securing the domain name FIRST, Game over!
There would be very limited second chances to secure a great domain name and start a new business if you did not get the doman FIRST.
That was the single most time senitive piece of the entire Internet puzzle. PERIOD! If you got that one right, you were afforded the luxury of time to figure things out.
There was always time to see how things unfold before pissing away other people's money as so many others did. They are long gone with the dollars. We survived.

Money can be replaced. Budgets can be increased. Decisions need to be made.
A Unique Asset that comes in the form of a High Profile Domain Name can not wait.
In the right hands it is an asset, an identity and an increase of sales and visability
In the hands of your competition, it can be a weapon and many lost sales and worse multiplied by a lifetime.
CEO's make decisions when others can't. Success demands timely decisions.

With the right properties, we have the luxury of time to decide what and when to develop our domain names. That choice has great value to me.
Believe me I am not smart enough to figure out how it will all unfold on the net. Just look at all the failures we have seen along the way.
But gettting these domains was a Unique moment in time that most missed.
6 billion people all had the same opportunity. They did not realize just how time sensitive it was and so here we are. I did!
Virtual Real Estate that has become more valuable than Real Real Estate.
No other asset has gone up in value further or faster than a great domain name and I have believed that since 1996.

I focused on 3 types of domain names. Adult, Commercial and Social.
My HTML skills may be very limited, but that is where the opportunity for you comes in.

In adult, I own the "42nd Street" of Domain Names
Domains like,,,,,,, Voyeur and 1500 others
All words you can say on everday Broadcast TV as that was my starting guideline. The 10 domains above get over 50,000 visitors EVERY single day for some 15 YEARS!

Our traffic is not search engine traffic. It is Type in Traffic. Direct Navigators that BYPASS search engines and are intelligent enough to type in their destination on the browser bar.
The very thing that got YOU....HERE via a different domain I own. Not adult for the most part because the adult sector were the first to exploit the profitability of the internet and still do!
So those domains are fully employed via parked pages that provide search engines with their most potent traffic. Traffic capbable of making a sale on something specific.

Chances are you typed in one of my domain names.
Some of you because you were frustrated with the crappy results search provided and you wanted something specific.
YOU have great value when I can match you to what you are looking for!

In Commercial, I own the "Times Square" of Domain Names.
Just a sample of those domains listed above on the streaming list.
I tried to pick domains in every profitable sector I could think of as the Internet expanded.
I imagined myself on "Main Street" and what stores would be on it.
I imagined myself as a middleman getting in between large deals.
I imagined myself as a worldwide distributor of goods from places I have never even been with people I have yet to meet.
Maybe even YOU!

In Social, I own the "Central Park" of Domain Names.
For Example which we sold for $1.3MM in 2003.
1 of only 17 domains sold in our entire 17 years and made news around the world.
That sale helped to fuel and give credibility to an industry and gave birth to the Premiere actuallyTrade Show in the Domain World that still goes on.
We do not actively list or sell our domain names. That is not our business model.
However sometimes the offer is more than we expect to make in the lifetime of the domain based on our own plan or other circumstance that allows us to parlay the sale into something larger..
In those 17 instances, we were able to find common ground with 3rd parties. But that is a rarity that we don't chase nor waste much time on.
The value of these assets go up every single day since 1995 and in a world looking for value, growth and safety, I have identified domain names as the #1 in all the world.

A 20 year plan that has at the heart of that plan, trying not to do anything for the first 20 years but build like hell in those second 20 years.
So my 20 year plan is actually a 40 year plan and I have never revealed that until right now. I just new from Day #1 that it would take 20 years for the Internet to evolve.

Like a rocket, the adult domains fueled the purchase of many other domains.
See, while others were losing millions, we were making millions because we focused on 3 things besides longevity.
Human nature, Profitability, Traffic.
Fuel runs an automobile and traffic runs the Internet. Learn that now or you are lost forever.
So while others were wrapped up in SEO and Search which was like buying a magazine ad month after month,
I bought domain names and that was like buying the magazine itself and getting free ads for a lifetime! DUH!! How simple is that??

While others went to look for other peoples money to lose, I built an engine capable of fueling itself by producing this thing called "Profit" which allowed this empire to self grow.
Grow with the earnings produced by each domain not with the earnings of investors that bought into a bag of smoke and lost it all.

To this day, FEW have made that connection even though I have been writing about it for over 15 years and PROVING it along the way.
If your competition finds out first, you will pay an invisible tax that is greater than all your earnings.

And here is a free gift just for reading this far. Stick with .com domain names.
If you choose another extension, be prepared to LEAK more than 50% of ALL of your traffic (YOUR CUSTOMERS) and wasting your advertising dollars.
The more success you enjoy, the larger that leak will be. I have discovered convincing proof! Those that cost millions to learn.
To avoid that, make sure that if you promote a non .com extension, that you own the .com version of the domain name.

Today there are dozens of top level extensions besides .com.
There are several hundred country codes
There are thousands more coming in the years ahead.
.com is the default extension and that means word of mouth advertising will default to the owner of the .com not the .whatever extension.
Can you afford that loss? Can you afford that loss if your #1 competitor were to own that domain and then make money on your hard work?
If you have not spent a LOT of time thinking about what I have written here, no matter who you are, it will cost you a lot of money and unnecessary hard work!

Ignorance is a choice. Time to choose . . .
→ Work Harder, get less for more effort and reward your competition every step of the way . . . or . . .
→ Work Smarter, achieve more with less effort, and frustrate your competition with your new-found free time.

For some my words are a threat. For others it is the key that unlocks the biggest and simplest secrets that so many missed along the way.
I started writing about my findings as early as 1996 for the record, on the record with my real name. Time proved that what I saw was actually how things unfolded and I had r=the time stamped proof.

Thanks for stopping by and the words here are here to change your destiny and your life for the better.
I know 99% of you don't give a shit and will never read this far anyway.
For the 1%......this could be an important piece of the puzzle. The MOST important piece.

I ask nothing in return. Good Luck!!
Rick Schwartz


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